About Us

2 Longtime friends and wargamers and once upon a time game store owner.  We have explored everything we can get our hands on, 40K, Warhammer Fantasy, Necromunda, Osprey Wargames, Flames of War, Team Yankee, and many, many, many more.  You could say we collect rules, but more importantly, we collect miniatures.  Lots and lots of miniatures!  The games are fun but overly competitive natures seems to diminish the joy of the game.  So we have bonded together to strengthen the hobby, through painting and modifying the figures we enjoy to send out to die on the table top.


We are:

One busy dad struggling to keep up with gaming! I am a Graphic Designer, Video Editor, and Cartoonist, and an avid tabletop level painter. I love skirmish games and 15mm larger army games. Current armies: 8th Army (15mm&28mm), Nids, Catachans, Dwarves and Orcs (Dragons Rampant), Cold War Russians, Royalist & Parlament ECW. Everything is in a state of WIP!

Currently, I am a husband and father working in the insurance industry. A longtime hobbyist who started with building models then moved to collect lead miniatures in the 1970s for D&D. I played FASA Star Trek and Battletech in the early 1990’s before being talked into GW’s Warhammer 40K. I have moved away from big armies games and more towards skirmish games. Foremost I am currently a painter and play when I am able. I have a taken a bronze in the Golden Daemons and have won some other painting contests. Current armies: WWII in 15 & 28mm, WH40K Eldar, Blood Angels and Sisters of Battle, Fantasy High Elves, all kinds of Lord of the Rings. I have recently become interesting Pulp Era gaming and I am building my selection of models and terrain for it.