Stargrave Crew

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What do you do when you participated in a Kickstarter for a board game in back in 2011 and the rules are terrible, and the second wave of miniatures are disappointing? Well, if you are me you take them and shove them in the back of a closet so the miniature can mature like a fine wine. Then occasionally you look at the box, shake your head and close the door. That was my relationship with Studio McVey’s Sedition Wars: The Battle for Alabaster.

Sedition Wars box

Well fast forward to 2021 and suddenly a new rule set called Stargrave been announced and the count down is on. Trying to be frugal so the wife doesn’t scold me for buying new miniature when I have so many already, I return to my closet and retrieve Sedition Wars and pillage it for the miniatures.

Sifting through the box I find 9 miniatures that are nearly perfect for what I need. I need some troopers, a Medic, a hand to hand specialist, a flamethrower, a grenade launcher, and a mechanic/decker.

Flame thrower

Needing a Captain, I remember there is a merc captain that was from Warlord’s Gates of Antares line and that his exactly what I wanted. So I dug back into my stash and there he is.


From Archon Studio’s Starfinder line I found my first mate and a sniper.

First Mate

More shots of the rest of the crew.

Troopers with carbines
Alternate flamer and Grenade launcher
Alternate Decker
Hail, hail the crews all here!

So that completes my Stargrave crew. I think they came together well.