2012 GW Games Day Miniature

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The Blood Angels were my 1st Warhammer 40K army back in 1993 followed closely by the Eldar.

2nd ed boxed game

Inspired by the box set cover and the back story the Blood Angels became my chapter.

So, when Games Day 2012 rolled around, and it was announced that GW was releasing a model of the classic Blood Angels Captain from the box art I just had to have him. Since I was unable to attend the Games Day I contacted a friend who was going, Thanks John Russell!! He took good care of me.

Advertisement in White Dwarf.

There were some issues with the Finecast material, but it was nothing that a little liquid green stuff did fix.

Filling imperfections with green stuff.

Since my Blood Angels were based on the older Citadel Blood Red that was in the hex bottle and is now produced by Coat d’Arms it was the logical choice for my base color.

All in all, the mini painted up quickly and I packed in as much detail as possible.
The finished model turned out quite well and I am very pleased with him.

Currently, I am a husband and father working in the insurance industry. A longtime hobbyist who started with building models then moved to collect lead miniatures in the 1970s for D&D. I played FASA Star Trek and Battletech in the early 1990’s before being talked into GW’s Warhammer 40K. I have moved away from big armies games and more towards skirmish games. Foremost I am currently a painter and play when I am able. I have a taken a bronze in the Golden Daemons and have won some other painting contests. Current armies: WWII in 15 & 28mm, WH40K Eldar, Blood Angels and Sisters of Battle, Fantasy High Elves, all kinds of Lord of the Rings. I have recently become interesting Pulp Era gaming and I am building my selection of models and terrain for it.

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