Sci-Fi Merc Skirmish (Rogue Stars & Scrappers)

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I got a beautiful collection of some old metal Catachan figures which is by far my favorite IG force.  A lot of that is due to being raised enjoying the Rambo movies.  As a group, we are planning on trying out Rogue Stars (only needing about four figures) and Scrappers (needing about 10.) I got started on this small band of mercenaries.  Sticking with The Army Painter Desert Yellow and Olive Green from Reaper Paints I created the new jungle scheme.  As Camo gets a little to complicating and time-consuming for a future IG force (painting over 100 figures), I went with solid alternating colors.  I am about the point that I just need to flock the miniatures, so To be continued.

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