I am Werewolf, Hear me roar!

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Here is a nice piece from Reaper Miniatures, 02747: Jean-Paul DuChamps, Werewolf by Ben Siens. Since I had decided to use this piece in a future pulp gaming scenario I decided to mount him on a 40mm clear round base from Renedra, Ltd. So the first thing I did was clip away as much of the base as I could and then I filed the remainder away. Then I added brass pins to the bottom of his feet. Then I test fitted his arms, and then glued them into place with Loctite thin super glue. There were some gaps so I filled them with 2 part green epoxy,

Since it has been about 6 months since I completed this mini I don’t really remember the Vallejo paints that were used during the painting process, I used both Vallejo and Army Painter washes thinned by GW Lahmian Medium as necessary when I used them.

One of the nice side benefits of using the brass pins for mounting the miniatures is that I do not have to glue the miniature to the base. So if in the future I decide to rebase it is a very simple process. I just pull off the old base and pop on the new one.

I have also included a MicroArts bit of terrain in this post. I did a bit of experimentation with this piece. All the stonework was completed using Secret Weapon washes often thinned with Vallejo Airbrush flow Improver. The washes I used were; Stone, Armor Wash & Blue Black.

Currently, I am a husband and father working in the insurance industry. A longtime hobbyist who started with building models then moved to collect lead miniatures in the 1970s for D&D. I played FASA Star Trek and Battletech in the early 1990’s before being talked into GW’s Warhammer 40K. I have moved away from big armies games and more towards skirmish games. Foremost I am currently a painter and play when I am able. I have a taken a bronze in the Golden Daemons and have won some other painting contests. Current armies: WWII in 15 & 28mm, WH40K Eldar, Blood Angels and Sisters of Battle, Fantasy High Elves, all kinds of Lord of the Rings. I have recently become interesting Pulp Era gaming and I am building my selection of models and terrain for it.

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