Team 1 Preparing for Boots in the Mud

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Team 1 of my Soviets has been completed!  After the contrast paints, I worked with some highlights, and some inks just to help clean up areas and enhance them.  Bases are painted Highland Moss, and next will be gloss coat and dull coat along with some stones and flocking.  Some of the updates are the AK’s now have the wood painted, the red stripes on shoulders have been added and weapons have been darkened with my favorite P3 Armor Wash.  I also went back and highlighted the skin and washed it with P3 Flesh Wash (Another fave).

15mm Squad Painted
Completed Painting Cold War Soviet Squad

I know it won’t be uniform but I may tweak the uniform color mix to make it a little lighter on the next team.  But the results on this team were pretty successful overall so no real complaints!  I can’t wait to get them in battle.

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