The Dip – Trials on Team Yankee

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After several years of owning The Army Painter Quick Shade Dips.  With this project, I used the strong tone, and have to say I am quite pleased with the look.

The lucky part of painting cold war Russian armor is there is no camo and single solid color.  I started with Tamiya spray for plastics TS-78 Field Gray.  It has a little minty or pine green (basically has a slight blue in the green) feel to it.

Tanks with Field Gray painted
Tamiya Field Gray on Tanks

First I tried The Army Painter Quick Shade Strong Ink, and found that it doesn’t work overlapping the Tamiya paint.  Later I talked to Thom, and he mentioned I need first to gloss coat the figure and then the ink will work, as they don’t adhere to Tamiya.  Before I found this out, I figured I would crack open my Quick Shade Dips that I have never used, yet have owned forever!  Shaking them up, finding a knife and POP!  The can is open, and dipping begins.

Vehicle Placed in Army Painter Tone Dip
Team Yankee Vehicle Dipped into The Army Painter Strong Tone Dip.

After the dip I found it to be somewhat sticky, as I have never used it before, and it takes forever to dry, and some areas have a pooled up mess that I had to scrape off once it dried, but overall it seems a quick way to shade everything.  Now the website says the figure should be done, but in all honesty, I still want to bring some of the colors back up and highlight some edges, but this created a great foundation start to the figure!  It took roughly two days for the figures to completely dry, after unsticking them from different surfaces and flipping them over.  Below is so you can see the difference between the base coat and the dipped figured, with this half and half view.

Team Yankee Tanks with Half Strong Dip and Half base coat.

Final resolve, I will do this for my force, so they all stay uniform.  I did try the dip on a Catachan miniature that I base coated, and I found it just left the figure very lackluster and flat, so I think I will keep my usual ways of painting for infantry and such.

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